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My name is Rizza.

I love to draw things that are cute, and cool.

I'm just here to collect some awesome stuff like fanarts, and references on tumblr.

Watching RWBY series for now.

(Sorry that I can't speak English very well though.)


Each member of team RWBY by RWBY creator Monty Oum

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RWBY :3 
I love it

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By mojojoj.
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.
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God, I don’t make enough fanart for this show. But I do absolutely love RWBY. And Penny is freaking adorable. But then again, what am I saying? They’re all precious haha. 

Click dat high res for a better view of it.

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First batch of Werewolf!Ruby 

I love making these~ Thanks for sending them, there be more coming later. But first have these.

Click on pic for better resolution :3

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Roman’s good deed for today. Such a gentleman~ lol. Inspired by this.


Whenever Roman’s conscious of Neo’s height, his reaction XD.

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Can we all just appreciate all the lovely things  that happened with team JNPR in chapter 7? haha. (click high res to get a better look.)

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so i had a weird dream last night and i made a post about it earlier and i reread it and I’m pretty sure my dream ripped off the plot of this one Tangled-Hotel-Transylvania video on yt so

i revised it

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"In the countless years that humanity has roamed the planet, civilizations have grown and fallen, but four have withstood the test of time: Atlas, Mistral, Vacuo, Vale…they are the key to mankind’s survival, as long as they remain united."

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I got caught up thinking about Ruby and Weiss living together, and it was just gonna be one quick doodle and I…lost myself…sorry, backgrounds aren’t my forte and I avoid them for a reason (lol)

It’d be super cute if Weiss worked and Ruby stayed at home, agggh. I want to draw more of this!

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Requested icons of Neptune!! Free to use. 

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some neo/ruby sketches ┌(・。・)┘♪

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